Bike Overnights Ambassadors

Lead rides and inspire others in your community


Adventure Together

Create and guide rides for your friends and community with Adventure Cycling's support and tools

Inspire Others

With your know-how you can bring folks together to connect over the joy of a bicycle adventure

Lead With Support

We're here with shared experience, routes, and local resources for underrepresented and newer riders everywhere.
Bike Overnights are for everyone and anyone.
BIPOC Ambassadors qualify for a stipend for their work organizing rides.
Right now we're especially interested in Ambassadors in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.
We welcome your questions:
Want to Lead a Bike Overnight?
“Bike adventure allows me the freedom to explore and build unique friendships. It has been an amazing way to build confidence, and I feel powerful and secure in my body because it is literally taking me places. Being an advocate, educator, and ambassador, people look to me for guidance, and I feel so privileged to be able to help.”
Roxy Robles, @feelsonwheelsss