Voler SOL Skin Spectrum Leg Protectors


Lightweight, and superior sun protection are yours with our Sol Skin UV Spectrum Leg Protectors. These full-leg protectors include zipper closure at the bottom and are made from Quantum DSX, the ultimate fabric in our sport. The sun protection of these Sol Skin Leg UV Protectors is hard to beat with a 50+ UPF rating. These lightweight UV Protectors are perfect for warm weather rides.

Training Tip: Add to the cooling powers of these garments by soaking with water during a hot ride! 

Knee And Leg Warmer Sizing

**Note: Product is the same as SOL Skin Leg Coolers. Voler just updated product name.**

  Thigh Circum. Calf Circum. Knee Length Leg Length
Small 17" - 20" 11.5" - 13.5" 14" - 15" 22" - 24"
Medium 18.5" - 22" 12" - 14.5" 14.5" - 15.5" 23" - 25"
Large 20" - 24" 13" - 15.5" 15" - 16.5" 24" - 26"
X Large 22" - 26" 14" - 16.5" 15.5" - 17" 25" - 27"


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Reviewed By: Mitchell Metzger on 9/20/19

I used these on over half of my 4,230 mile Trans Am ride this 2019. Great quality. They did their job. Not too hot. No problems. Still good to go.

Voler SOL Skin Spectrum Leg Protectors


Reviewed By: Ken Robertson on 6/6/19

I have had trouble keeping the leg protectors from sagging during my rides, but will give it another try soon with another pair of biking shorts.

Great alternative to sunscreen


Reviewed By: Craig Liesegang on 6/26/18

Living in Arizona, sunscreen is a daily fact of life...but I can't stand to wear it, so I love that there are options like this! Not only does it keep the sun off of your skin, it also acts as a kind of air conditioning for your legs. If it's really hot out, wet them down for extra cooling!

Excellent sun protective product


Reviewed By: Larry Wolfe on 6/16/18

Just wore them on 4 sunny and hot days on BRAN and they protected me completely. They provide excellent sun protection, stay up and are easy to care for. I am trying to order another pair, but out of stock.

Excellent product


Reviewed By: Larry Wolfe on 7/27/17

I wore these on the Tour de Wyoming 2017 in hot, dry bright sunny weather. They appear to have protected my legs completely. I did put lotion on at the beginning of each day but did not worry about reapplying it. They stayed up completely during four long days. I washed them out every night and they dried quickly. I am very pleased with them.

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