StemCAPtain Stem Cap Products

$19.96 - $24.95

StemCAPtains are an accessory for your bike that replaces your stem cap with a clock, thermometer, compass, or picture frame. Simply unscrew your existing current 1in or 1 1/8in threadless headset stem cap, pop in the CAPtain, and it’s Time to Ride!


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Stem cap Thermometer


Reviewed By: A customer from Missouri on 12/25/06

Works good. Easy to install and accurate display. Mechanical guage means no batteries required. It relies on friction to hold it in place inside the cup that is screwed onto the top of the stem and is not a tight enough fit. Any small brush against the edge knocks it out so it is easily lost if you're not careful. We added a piece of double-sided tape to the back of it and that's helped.

compass stem piece


Reviewed By: Tom Jennings on 12/25/06

These are novelty items that do not secure well. A poor design of inexpensive construction.

Everyone should own a stem cap clock


Reviewed By: Donald Stipp on 11/1/10

Let's think this one through: if you're wearing a wrist watch so you can keep track of time while you're riding your bike you are exposing your wrist to a tan. When you take your watch off to take a shower - or for any reason - you have that nasty looking white spot on your wrist that is the shape of a watch. With ownership of a stem cap clock you leave your wrist watch at home when you go for a bike ride. No unsightly tan mark! Why didn't I dream this one upω Buy one. It's cool.



Reviewed By: Gordon Snapp on 4/7/11

This is my new favorite bike schwag! I look at it many times during a ride - many more times than when I had to pull back my sleeve to look at my watch. Plus, the analog is easier to read for my old, myopic eyes than digital. The only drawback is that now I want one of these on all my bikes!

Rockin Addition


Reviewed By: Terry on 5/4/11

This is a simple yet very useful product. After years of strapping a wristwatch to my handlebars, there is finally a practical solution. With a glance I can see the time without scrolling through computer or cell phone screens. Its always there. Easy to install.

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