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Designed originally for the Brooks Saddle this cover will fit most bike seats. Made with 200 Nylon Oxford with a laminated urethane layer. Black.

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rain camp


Reviewed By: Larry Lansdowne on 7/21/14

yah, I agree with Earl, slap this cover on bike before it goes on the rack, at night on the Coast rides, saves a wet one in the morning, quit using those plastic bags....

Great Product


Reviewed By: Earl on 10/13/13

I don't know what kind of Brooks saddle the previous reviewer was using, but I have ben using this cover on my B-17 for 6 years. I use it when transporting the bike on a hitch rack and for overnights in camp and when riding in rainy conditions. After 6 hard years, it finally started leaking a little, so I'm ordering a new one.

Too small to fit Brooks seat


Reviewed By: A customer from West Virginia USA on 11/4/11

I purchased two of the saddle covers, one for a Brooks saddle and one for a standard women's touring seat. The cover is too short and barely fits over either of the seats. The front part of the cover is prevented by the seatpost from properly covering the rear part of the saddle. I have to use a thick rubber band to be sure that the covers will not blow off of the saddle when the bikes are transported on the car. The covers did keep both saddles dry when subjected to an overnight torrential Florida rainstorm

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