Topeak Road Morph G Pump with gauge

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The Folding foot support easily converts frame pump into a floor pump. The SwivelGrip provides a comfortable hand position while inflating. The Inline pump gauge reads pressure; inflates to 120 psi effortlessly. Quickly converts between Presta and Schrader/Dunlop valves. Weight: 9.2 oz.


Weight: 7.1 oz/ 202g

Dimensions: 13.8 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches

Pressure: 160psi



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Topeak Road Morph Pump


Reviewed By: A customer from Longmont, CO USA on 6/23/10

My frame of reference for a pump is my home floor pump. I've owned several different small pumps over the years, and never really liked any of them. A couple years back we rode the Pacific Coast Route, and a fellow rider recommended the Road Morph. In preparation for riding the TransAmerica route this summer, I remembered the recommendation, and I purchased the Topeak Road Morph to save some weight. We are 1,500 miles into the trip, and I am totally impressed. It took a little getting used to the mechanics of the pump (compared to a floor pump), but now it is very familiar. I am really impressed with how quickly such a small pump can take a tire up to 90 psi (6 bars); it's frankly pretty amazing. Efficient, light weight, compact. It fits easily into my rear pannier. I'm happy I bought this pump. I would recommend it to anyone who's looking.

Not for big hands


Reviewed By: Craig Gaevert on 7/28/10

If you have large hands this pump is not for you. It's a knuckle buster. After several years on the bike, the check valve has not held up either. There are better frame pumps available, Lezyne for example is a much better pump and worth the extra expense.

crap pump


Reviewed By: A customer from Minneapolis on 8/2/10

All on-bike pumps are crap. This one is the least crappy available. I recommend it (until someone makes a really good one anyway).

The easier way to fill high-pressure tires


Reviewed By: Christopher Glass on 7/9/11

We recently took our new pump on a 3-week tour. It filled our 70- and 100-psi tires much more easily than the old frame pump ever did, because one presses against the ground rather than oneself. And it is lighter weight. The biggest drawback is that the built-in gauge sticks above about 70 psi: it moves in spurts every dozen or so pumps. We carried a separate pressure gauge, though, and I was eventually able to estimate accurately enough what the true pressure was without using the extra gauge. We used both the Schrader and Presta connections. In switching between the two, only once did I have to use needle-nose pliers to fish out the two connection bits that need to be reversed.

perfect solution


Reviewed By: Debbie Anderson on 8/30/11

I bought a womans specific bike frame this year-extra small. love the bike, but finding places for things to fit on the smaller frame was challenging. This pump, with it's narrow profile and lightweight works great attached under the bottom down bar of the bike frame. I can air up a tire quickly and effortlessly, love the in line pressure gauge.

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