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The UltraLite Bike Mirror offers versatility, light weight durability, and provides an amazingly wide field of view. It can be mounted almost anywhere you need it, on handlebars of all types as well as forks and challenging applications like recumbents. Designed for touring and commuting. Weight: 2oz


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Versatile attachment


Reviewed By: Old Dude:) on 12/25/06

I bought this for my Novara Randonee touring bike. The attachment device was versatile enough that I mounted it on my handlebars near the brake levers, sticking out to the side. By inserting a very small bit of cut and rolled up bike tube material between the handlebars and the mount, it stays in place and the vibration is really dampened. Was skeptical at first, but I have come to really appreciate and like this mirror.

Essential safety item


Reviewed By: Anonymous on 12/25/06

Works very well--has a wide field of view and is stable. Images are distorted but this is probably necessary given the small size of the mirror. After a few rides, I was comfortable with judging the proximity of vehicles behind me.

Ortlieb Bike Mirror


Reviewed By: A customer from Wichita, Kansas, USA on 12/25/06

I do like the wide field of view and use it for commuting to work. It was easy to install and I think will give me a number of years of good use.

Good mirror for drop bars


Reviewed By: A customer from Penticton, BC on 12/25/06

Using it on a touring bike with drop bars. Only product I have found that works on these bars. I have mounted close to the end, just in front of bar end shifter. I can still use drops comfortably and mirror is not in way. It could have had a slightly longer stem - when hands on bars on top - arm blocks visibility slightly - not too bad but.. Good value for price.

Ortleib Ultra Bike Mirror


Reviewed By: Robert Schneck on 2/12/09

This is the best mirror I have owned. My girlfriend and I use it on our touring bikes with drop down handlebars. It rarely shifts position, easy to adjust, is out of the way, and field of vision is superb. Riding in Florida a must. Strongly recommended!!!

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