Ibex Men's El Fito Wool Knickers

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Wind- and water- resistant, the softshell Climawool® Lite double weave over the knees and midweight Merino back will keep you comfortable in a wide range of conditions and temperatures. The superfine Merino wool creates an itch-free, naturally anti-microbial, thermal-regulating and form-fitting domain for vigorous cold-weather activities. Bumps and vibrations are easily absorbed by the ergonomically molded multi-density foam pad; pad absorbs excess sweat and dries quickly for comfort. The knickers are reinforced with flexible Spandura in the seat and inner thighs for maximum durability, abrasion-resistance and support. Gripper elastic at legs and smooth elastic waistband secures fit; flat-stitched seams reduce chafing and discomfort.  Machine washable.


Waist 28-30” 31-33” 34-36” 37-39” 40-42”


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Reviewed By: A customer from Columbus, Ohio on 12/27/11

I love them. They fit true to size and I have washed them on cold and warm. They do not take long to dry especially in the sun. I have been in crashes that ruined the knees but I just patched them and they keep on goin'. I have probably used one pair about 4 seasons. Below 40 degrees, I just add wool knee socks. I have never been cold with my ibex knickers but then I do not ride below 20 degrees. I have takes them cross country skiing with a base layer of light long underwear and knee socks.

Tour and commuting perfection !


Reviewed By: Dean G on 9/7/11

Excellent product ! Used them on a 10 day 1200km tour and wore them every morning, and through some really nasty rain storms, stayed warm and comfortable, the fit was perfect for me, they covered my knees to about mid calf which is perfect and what i hoped for, the built in padding was a bonus as I wore cycling shorts underneath. The only thing is the Marino wool is ichy on the thighs when worn by themselves, but a great product well made and worth every cent, highly recommend them.

Wanted to Love Them, But....


Reviewed By: A customer from Chico, California on 4/11/10

I have ridden in knickers for probably 15 years, lots of it up in Alaska in cool weather, and in Northern California winters, and have found them to be one of my absolutely favorite pieces of riding gear. I LOVE knickers. The trouble is, it's hard to find knickers in bike shops, so I went to the internet, and Adventure Cycling, where I read reviews of the El Fito Knickers which raved about them, so I bought a pair. I hate to say it, but I am disappointed in them for one simple but very important reason: they do not cover my knee low enough, and the elastic band at the bottom rides up too high on my knee, even thought I opted to err on the large side. I bought XL's and my inseam is only in the 34-35 (and waist 36) inch range, so length should not have been an issue. I have used two other major brands and this has never been an issue. On a cool day, I find myself continually tugging on the knees to pull them down lower, over the "bump" below my kneecap. If it were not for this, I would love the El Fitos. I have one other issue. They are supposed to be dried by "laying flat." I wanted to take these on a long tour---to Alaska from California---and I don't know how they would handle being laundered on the road, or how I would deal with cleaning them if I had to "lay them flat" every time I washed them. That could be a problem on a long tour where it can be nice to just throw gear in a dryer---even if it's on low heat---so you can get back on the road with clean gear. I have taken to trying to stretch them when they come out of the washing machine, but don't think that will solve the problem. If they were an inch and a half longer below the knew, or maybe even an inch, they would probably be perfect. But a knicker that rides up on your knee defeats the purpose of the knicker in the first place. The weird thing is that they ride really high up on your waist.... A little of that material on the legs would have solved the problem.



Reviewed By: A customer from Ashland, Oregon on 7/3/09

It's hard to believe no one hs written a review on the El Fito!! These knickers are the best. Great fit. Perfect for cool AMs and into the warm afternoons that happen in the Spring and Autumn (here in S. Oregon). The pad is good (up to 50miles) and I understand Ibex is upgrading the pad for 2009. ??.. The knee fabric is shaped to the knee and wind proof. They do ride up at the knee esp after several days of riding and not washed and the waist could use a draw-string (my personal preference).. I've used these two seasons and are still in great shape. a great product and with "improvements" could be even better.

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