Da Brim Classic Helmet Visor

Da Brim
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Jun 15, 2016


Da Brim™ is an aftermarket brim for your bike helmet; it offers the functionality of wearing a cowboy hat or sombrero with the protection of a helmet.  Da Brim features:

•Adjustable front visor angle and rear brim height to accommodate different riding styles, user preferences, and helmet designs

•Rear brim height adjustment also allows for effective use with backpacks and hydration packs

•One size fits most

•*International customers* - shipping for this item is $33 due to its unusual dimensions 

3½" front brim contours to 4½" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection

Installation instructions


Average rating: based on 12 reviews.

Da Brim Rating:

Reviewed By: Roadrunner on 8/6/13

Da Brim works well to keep the sun off the face (eliminating the need for sunscreen) and makes for cooler riding in the Arizona sun. Can feel wind hitting it, but it hasn't blown off. It won't win styling points with go-fast riders, but it does the job.

Looks dorky, works great! Rating:

Reviewed By: Jack Nicholson on 10/31/12

Da'Brim is really easy to pull on to a helmet without having to take it off, and is easy to attach. The brim offers plenty of shade to face, back of neck and sides of face. Instructions say max. speed is 30 mph, which means in winds gusting to 25 mph, 5 mph is your top speed going into the wind. Your neck muscles will confirm this, but ignoring this could be dangerous. The brim really shades side view mirror, making it very easy to see clearly.

Da Brim Bike Helmet Visor Rating:

Reviewed By: Eli Baron on 10/5/12

Te Da Brim provides sha all over themface and neck, and if there is no wind and you ride slowly itnis great, but when pedaling fast ormifnthe is a strong wind it keeps flying offmthe helmet. Itnis ossinle that I am not attachingnit correctly..

sunshade brim for bike helmet Rating:

Reviewed By: David Wohlfarth on 10/5/12

Living in south Florida I try to protect myself from the sun as much as possible while enjoying biking through out the year and apprieciate the extra protection this brim provides. If there is a good breeze or I get moving fast - not likely - it does tend to catch the wind but is well anchored to the helmet. I feel it is a worthwile investment for sun protection.

Da Brim Rating:

Reviewed By: David Reitman on 9/3/12

I hope to use on my trip from CA to FL, riding thru the desert. Trial use in NY, appears to be good.

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