Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Section 1

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Roosville, MT - Polaris, MT (542.3 miles)
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March 2016

This section of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is entirely within Montana. The route begins at the border and quickly enters forested backcountry. It skirts the western border of Glacier National Park. The route goes through towns every 4-5 days for restocking supplies. You'll either be going over passes or riding through valleys enroute to the next climb, and it's considered the most challenging portion of the entire route. You'll go through historic mining regions lying between Seely Lake and Polaris, Montana. In addition to a sampling of some of its finest backcountry, two of the state's largest cities are encountered- Butte and Helena, the state capital. Fascinating historic sites beckon in both communities, so plan to lay over at least a day in each.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, redesigned maps including bi-directional narratives will be available June 15, 2018. Current version maps may be purchased now for ½ price and in June we will email a code to purchase the new maps at ½ price through July 31, 2018. Please note that the coupon for the new maps is good for a 1 to 1 match based on how many map sets/sections you bought of the current version.

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Great map!


Reviewed By: Awesomesauce on 2/9/18

The only bad thing is I bought the map in January. And it won't stop snowing

Bears and dust


Reviewed By: Peter Hewitt on 8/9/17

Excellent map, used on the ACA's Great Divide, Canada II outing of July 2017. The two modifications I would make are 1. a warning that the Smith-Dorrien Spray Rd can be highly unpleasant with deep gravel, and an 80 kph speed limit that can leave cyclists hidden in the wake of dust, which extends over 10 meters high. Thus, aim for patience and low-traffic hours. This road was the site of a clavicular fracture and thus removal of 20% of our original group, may he Recover In Peace ( one of 5 people) 2. A phone number could? be included that would give riders a report of recent bear activity/sightings in the area? Bears get an awful lot of attention, fear. Getting the latest "forecast" and a chance to talk to informed local personnel might greatly diminish such anxiety. Lastly, I see, under General Information, a note about discouraging attempting to ride this route solo. There is no indication as to why this route has such a warning whereas other routes do not. Is the danger from wildlife, from single-track/rough riding, lack of emergency services, unusual weather patterns, gnarly native hermits? Or is this in fact a general warning that goes on all ACA maps?

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route,Section 1


Reviewed By: A customer from Helena,Montana on 8/10/09

The map is excellent.I like the fact it is more durable than your average map so it will last.The route directions were accurate for the most part and the history of the area provided was a nice touch.I think the map would be easier to use in a loose leaf format were you could take sections out individualy.It would probably cost more and be cumbersome though.

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