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Ultamite vizibility and protection. The Sporty is the smaller version of the Da Brim Classic, offering improved performance for faster riders and excellent 360° UPF50+ sun protection. 2¾" front brim contours to 3¾" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection. The adjustable front visor can be angled so you have a clear forward view while riding in a head down riding position. Tested to combined wind speeds of 35 mph. One size fits most. 4.3 oz. Installation instructions.



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Reviewed By: Barry Knight on 7/7/19

I purchased my DaBrim hat for my bicycle helmet and pretty much fell in love with it. On one of our many rides, my wife wanted to give it a try, so I let her. Since then, my options were to get her a DaBrim or forever not have one for me. So, of course, I ordered her one and she loves it just as much as she loved mine. Really, it is cooler on the head and face and my 'squint lines" are starting to fade. What a double whammy!!!

Good, not great


Reviewed By: Lyn on 4/24/19

I've had my Brim for about 3 bike rides, 60 miles total. It has no trouble in light winds; have not tried it in medium or heavy winds. I like that the green will make me more visible to others. I found that I can tilt it to help keep bugs out of my face when biking through buggy swarms (hooray!). It wasn't that hard to put on my helmet. I did have to remove my mirror and figure out a new way to attach it (on the helmet), but it seems to work. What I didn't expect is that it is surprisingly heavy. It is easily heavier than my helmet, a weight I didn't notice at all, but now it has doubled. I had expected it to be light, but I think both the (wire?) brim and the rubbery pieces used to secure it to the helmet could be the weight culprits.

Love my Brim


Reviewed By: Pete on 2/27/19

I love my Brim! I’ve been touring with it for 2 years, on the recommendation of my dermatologist after my 3rd surgery around my nose. It works great, and is also a great visibility tool. I’ve had many auto drivers tell me how visible I was with my bright green brim.

Da Brim is Da Bomb!


Reviewed By: Ray Nations on 9/29/18

I like it! Not only is it comfortable for wearing during sunny days, but visibility is also an important factor in why I like wearing it! I'm riding a Catrike nowadays and it just adds a new dimension to being seen on the road!

Good for sun . . .and rain.


Reviewed By: Joe Morris on 8/14/17

I just wore this for two weeks biking around Normandy. It does what it is supposed to, but do still put on lots of sunblock since it's coverage is not absolute. I bought one after meeting a guy at a group ride in California as "making you feel less dried out and parched at the end of the day" and that's entirely accurate. It is also, however, quite useful in the rain. It's not waterproof, but it will keep water from falling directly in your face, and reduce the amount of water that would go down your neck into your jacket. On high-speed downhills you feel some lift, but with a well-adjusted helmet nothing too distracting. The only place where it was annoying was on a day when I was in a cross breeze for several hours; the tilt pushed on my sunglasses and was uncomfortable. You can take it on and off easily, and it stays when it is on, but it can be a little challenging to store it while touring: pretty much the only place I had that could fit a giant flat disk was on my head. Finally, I did not expect this to be a conversation piece, but it is. Children point at you. Teenagers occasionally snicker. People just come up to you and start asking questions about your "bike hat". You may or may not like this -- I sort of thought it was ok, I was touring alone an could use the occasional conversation starter -- but it is a baked-in feature. Lucky for the Da Brim people, they are making a self-marketing product where the users pretty much have to explain it to strangers. As I'm writing this ACA is out of stock of yellow and states tan is discontinued; however, there is a gray version of this that apparently replaced tan that I was able to buy on the Da Brim website (as of summer 2017), hopefully ACA starts stocking it soon.

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