CycleAware Roadie™ Bar End Mirror

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May 19, 2016

The simple ball and socket joint on Roadie allows you to install it on the left side or, the right side of the handlebars. It takes just seconds to install -- just remove the existing road bar end plugs, insert the internal rubber socket and then simply pop the mirror into the socket. High quality lightweight polycarbonate convex mirror - SOLD AS SINGLE MIRROR. black.


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The Ideal Mirror Rating:

Reviewed By: Susan Vinicor on 10/31/12

This is a replacement for a similar mirror. I simply couldn't live without one. They adjust easily and allow you to keep track of the traffic behind you. It is an invaluable safety feature. The mirror is small and aerodynamic as described.

Not so great with panniers, and I bump it all the time Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Seattle, WA, USA on 8/11/12

This mirror is great for watching other cyclists behind you, but not for watching cars, because the focal length is short (I think). Also, if I have a pannier, it takes up a lot of the mirror, perhaps because my bars aren't very wide. Also, I have to adjust it ALL THE TIME, especially when I ride on chipseal or gravel. On a recent tour, I found myself relying on my ears much more than on this mirror.

OK but wavy mirror surface Rating:

Reviewed By: RIder in Mass. on 6/6/12

Fits well, good shape, but the mirror itself is cheap and wavy. I've looked for the great barend mirrors you find in Italy or France but can't find them here in the good old USA!

Mr Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Europe / APO,AE on 5/3/12

It is ok...nothing special, view is quite distorted...mirror is small...not very effective. I have kept my larger mirror on the bike. It is better than no mirror at all.

not as clear as other mirrors i have used Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Washington, DC on 10/4/11

i am finding due to my age i have concluded that a mirror that clips to my glasses works better than the bar end mirror which is harder to see clearly. i am sure it works better for those that have "'younger" eyes.

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