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Small but mighty, the Brake Band from Click-Stand lives on your handlebar. When parking one's bike, pull the tab around the front brake lever to immobilize the bike & help prevent the old bump & slip, which can result in costly damage. Note: These will not work on bikes with bar-end shifters.

Sold individually - 0.1 oz 


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It's a Band


Reviewed By: Peppermint P on 5/2/19

After receiving the item, I realized that I probably could have simply used one of my thicker hair-bands for pony-tails. The toggle at the end is really nice, though. Will see how it works in practice.

Fantastic little bands


Reviewed By: Michael Bailey on 5/23/18

I bought a pair to keep my bike from rolling away when leaning/locking. They work very well, even better than expected. I leave them on my drop bars when not in use, and then pull them over the brake levers when I'm getting off the bike. They make it MUCH easier to lean my bike and to lock it, especially when I'm fully loaded. I highly recommend getting a pair.

Good insurance


Reviewed By: Dann on 7/26/16

These work well in lieu of a kickstand. Keeps the bike from rolling when propped up against a surface... Have given them as gifts to biking friends...not many others on the market that I can find and LBS's seem clueless. Used to have one that was a wedge that slipped in between the lever and hood...

Click Stand Brake Band


Reviewed By: Clinkey on 7/4/16

Absolutely love them. Just what I needed to do the quick release front wheel myself! I bought my two friends that I ride each a set too. Yep they love them!

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