Brooks B17 Saddle


This saddle is an excellent choice for touring, century rides, ultra-marathon rides and other demanding types of cycling. The B17 is most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars about the same height as their saddles, or a bit lower. All of the B17 models feature bag loops to permit the use of a traditional English-style touring bag. Brooks saddles, being real leather, require some maintenance. First, you must apply Proofide or some other saddle lubrication every couple of months. Second, like any good saddle, you need to protect it from rain and moisture. Third, you must maintain/adjust the saddle tension. This saddle has a smooth leather top, with 3 small holes for ventilation, smooth (non chamfered) skirts, small hollow steel rivets, with quality saddle bag loops on the frame. (Brooks Saddle Tensioning Spanner included)

Rail: Steel Clamp

Style: Std Rails

Length/Width: 280mm/170mm

Weight: 1lb 1oz

Color: Black or Honey


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Reviewed By: NCcyclist on 9/28/16

Can never go wrong with a Brooks saddle and Cyclosource makes ordering way too easy.

great saddle


Reviewed By: A customer from touring in USA on 7/13/11

fantastic saddle. I used the saddle straight out of the box on the great divide route. Proofed it twice before first use with brooks proofhide. No hardness or discomfort on first 60 mile day. Expensive for a small tin but goes a long way. Hot days in New Mexico were no problem. Great on rough dirt road riding. 9 months of touring using 2 other saddles has convinced me a brooks is the way to go for a long journey.

Brooks + Me = Happy Bum


Reviewed By: Bryan Signorelli on 10/5/10

I bought a Brooks B17 (the Champion version with the copper rivets) and after 500 miles of riding I can say it's the best single piece of equipment I've ever purchased. My drop bars are slightly higher than the seat on my LHT and I had zero issues with break in, the saddle was comfortable straight out of the box.

Great for short rides


Reviewed By: A customer from Massachusetts on 8/30/10

I am a female rider. For the first 300 miles or so I have been happily riding short trips (under 10 miles) with complete comfort. But I am now having some discomfort on longer trips. I think it may be due to a slightly raised area on top of the saddle where it starts to narrow. Some saddle manufacturers have a cut-out in that area, and now I understand why.

The only way to go


Reviewed By: Ken on 1/11/10

Whenever I get a new bike, I give the saddle it came with a chance but always end up replacing it with another Brooks. I have one on my commuter and one on my Tandem. Am trying a different brand of leather on my touring bike, but already want to replace it with another Brooks. They're hard to find in the local shops, so I was glad to see them in the ACA on-line store.

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