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The Randonneur is light, strong, stable, and easy to install or remove. It attaches firmly to the seat rails with a quick release bracket and the front of the rack merely rests against the post with a rubberized clamp that is closed with a Velcro strap. Unequaled stability and strength. Weight: 1.09lbs / 17.46 oz. You will also need the Arkel Brooks adaptor if you have a Brooks or Anatomica saddle.

***Carbon seatpost friendly!!!***


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Better rack that works great with the Arkel Tailrider


Reviewed By: Tom G on 11/21/16

This replaced a similar clamp-on rack. The other rack, made by Top Peak, just clamps on the seat-post, and tends to slide back and forth, This rack has a far better mounting system. I would not go on long tours offroad with this, but it should be perfect for long day rides and my upcoming credit-card tour.

Pricey but worth it if you must have a trunk bag with you


Reviewed By: cykklist on 12/9/14

I bought this to put on my club/racer bike, because apparently I can't ride without my Arkel Tailrider. This is a light rack that clips on/off easily and fits the bag just right.



Reviewed By: JapaRider on 9/24/14

Some industrial designer *genius* working for Arkel has finally figured out a simple and elegant way to install a rack on a carbon seat post without putting *any* stress on the carbon fiber! After having a rack on my carbon seat post for 3 years and always wondering in the back of my mind if my post was under weight stress, I now have a more stable rack that holds more weight if needed, without being attached to the post at all (just resting on it). What a simple and brilliant idea to attach the rack to the seat *rails* and just rest the rack against the post! I would give this product 10 stars if I could. The rack is actually very easy to install (you only need a 5mm hex key) but it took me a few more minutes than necessary because the instructions could have been worded a little more clearly and the illustrations were not as helpful as the could have been. You just need to loosely attach the clamp to the seat rails, loosen the hex nut on the rack to pull it straight and parallel to the ground, attach the velcro seat post 'clamp' and then tighten the hex nut and the quick release seat rail clamp. It should only take about 5 minutes! Genius.

Take time to adjust, then is quite a stable rack.


Reviewed By: A customer from Boise, Idaho on 7/9/12

It took some adjustment to get this rack to ride quietly,and firmly in place. Once all the angle of the seatclamp and the bars of the seat were figured out, it stayed in place. The seatclamp take several twists to get the rack locked in place. I was able to carry five pounds of clutter in a racktop carrier over gravel roads and over rutted trails.

/arkel-Randonnear rack


Reviewed By: A customer from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia on 12/25/06

Excellent 6 kg rated rack that I was able to fit to the seat back of a FWD recumbent Cruzbike Silvio with only 120 mm straight seat back. it works well with the Arkel tailrider trunk ba.

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