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A perfect fit for Adventure Cycling's national route maps. Drop in the appropriate panel face up in the case, use the Velcro straps to attach the case to your handlebars and your adventure begins. Viewing size 9 1/2" x 5" - External dimensions 10 3/8" x 6"



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Exactly as needed!


Reviewed By: Bill V on 8/13/20

This was a perfect solution - large enough to include a wide view of the map - and I love paper maps as opposed to my phone for keeping me on track!

Haven't used it yet.


Reviewed By: Jutta on 12/5/19

I ordered the map case because I used the clear plastic on my handlebar bag for the maps we used on our ACA tour. It worked fine but I bought a new handlebar bag that will not accommodate a map, so I bought this one. I haven't used it yet but it looks like it will work just fine.

Best pre-tour purchase ever...


Reviewed By: Hank Baum on 7/5/19

Last year I used a zip lock bag and it worked somewhat, but leaked and ruined the map... the day it rained the map melted away, the odometer battery failed, and the gps got crazy.. This year I purchased the map holder before a tour, and sure enough one day it poured in the morning, and then again in the afternoon.... the cue sheet stayed perfectly dry.... and that was great because the gps route given didn't match the cue sheet at all. so, rather than being lost in a rain storm... just kept pedaling towards the finish with a dry, readable cue sheet.... great product...

Simple & convenient


Reviewed By: Kyle Davis on 5/31/19

This map case is one of those little, unobtrusive purchases that makes a big difference over the long haul. It fits the ACA maps perfectly, and with a little creative folding, can probably fit most paper maps as well. Being able to read maps on the fly is convenient, and well worth the $10.

Well made


Reviewed By: Scott on 5/11/19

I used some contact cement and scrap Velcro to attach these to an handlebar bag. Worked very well.

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