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Adventure Cycling Association
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The perfect 16oz stainless steel pint for any occasion. Reusable, durable, and perfect for touring, camping, or enjoying around your house. Support the organization and stay hydrated in the process!

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Reviewed By: Rick Putnam on 10/18/19

I carry a certain daypack set aside specifically for when I ride my bike. I added the stainless steel pint glass because I wanted to minimize my environmental footprint. I use it mostly when I stop in at fast-food places. It makes a racket when you add the ice, but it gets the class cold in a hurry when you want to cool yourself by pressing it against your forehead. I was appalled when I realized just how many cups, lids, and straws were used and discarded just in the time I was in the restaurant. Think of the impact we would have if we all started carrying our own cups. And our advertising for the ACA wouldn't hurt us any, either!

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