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Albany, NY - Albany, NY (394 miles)
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When ridden in a counter-clockwise direction, the Adirondack Park Loop travels from Schenectady north, crossing into Adirondack Park just north of Saratoga Springs. Adirondack Park is the largest publicly protected area in the lower forty-eight states, greater in size than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier and Grand Canyon National Park combined. Passing through Ticonderoga, the route hugs the western shore of Lake Champlain as it continues north. At Port Henry there is an optional spur to continue north to Port Kent, to connect to a ferry to Burlington, Vermont. The main route continues west through Lake Placid, home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games. The route can be somewhat hilly in the park, with climbs ranging up to 1,500 feet. The route uses lightly traveled roads with minimal shoulders. Paved shoulders prevail where traffic is moderate.

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Adirondack Park Loop Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Massachusetts on 10/2/09

We didn't follow the loop exactly, as it required a few too many turn. However, it was helpful in knowing where hotels and motels were located. We ended up staying on route 30 and a number of different routes coming back. Some of the accommodations could be updated, but overall, it really was helpful!

Adirondack Park Experience Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on 8/24/10

The map sections were easy to follow and appeared to be current. Since I live in Florida the mountains were a challenge (there is really no way to prepare for the elevation changes when you live in Florida). The weather was pleasant compared to the southeastern U.S.

Adirondack Park Loop Maps Rating:

Reviewed By: Bill Wolfe on 5/4/11

The purchase and delivery went smoothly. I'll report back after I take the ride, by my guess is that the "Daks" will not be so smooth!

Adirondack Park Loop Rating:

Reviewed By: Tom Schwartz on 9/19/11

We enjoyed the Adirondack Loop very much. The roads were very quiet and safe. We strongly recommend this ride. The maps had a few errors but nothing major.

Pretty route; bring a GPS Rating:

Reviewed By: Bruce Miller on 9/4/15

I rode the Adirondack Park Loop solo using the paper copy, with the spur from Albany. The route is very pretty. Roads have good shoulders most of the time. I wish I had loaded the route into a GPS because (1) New York roads have multiple route numbers (sign says County 2, maps says a different number); (2) roads change names as you go from one hamlet to another; (3) cell phone coverage is a challenge in the valleys so you can't rely on Google Maps or the like.

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