Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless Computer

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The top of the line Planet Bike 9 function computer with MacroMonitor LCD four-line display is packed with features: Current speed, ride time, distance, dual odometer with ATB and road tire indicators, average speed, max speed, clock, temperature and speed comparator. Waterproof and heavy duty. The digital Wireless Technology eliminates messy wires. Black.


Weight: (w/ bracket & sensor) 88 grams

Size: Case size 40 x 55mm

Height: (w/ bracket) 27mm

Instalation manual, please see: Downloads




Average rating: based on 4 reviews.

Planet Bike 9.0 Wireless computer


Reviewed By: Michael Gormley on 7/25/12

Works well. Installation not difficult - pretty good instructions. Large Sensor was a little tricky to align with the wheel sensor. You do need to turn the unit on frequently - a slight inconvenience. Temperature will read high if in the sun. I have a brown burn mark on the screen from the sun from a couple month's use. Otherwise, simple to use and am satisfied with the performance.

Average Computer


Reviewed By: Randall Schwartz on 2/23/12

I agree with a previous review, that thw wireless 9.0 is average at best. Good read out, but due to only having a max distance of 21", it is far away on my recumbent. Also the "hard" shut down cannot be changed and if it sits more than 5 minutes, you have to manually turn it back on, or won't record. I bought it soley because my bike disassembles and it is 1 less thing to mess with. Temp is not accurate either .

Planet Bike Odometer


Reviewed By: Mike Cruz on 12/6/11

I have been using Planet Bike odometers for over 15 years. The temperature function is my greatest need when riding or on tour. The wireless 9.0 is a super device, no problems, has great readouts. I would recommend to all.

Planet Bike Wireless


Reviewed By: A customer from Salt Lake City, UT USA on 11/7/09

Overall this is a decent bike computer, however I have two critiques and then will tell you about what I do like about it. Max Speed: The computer seems to think that I can ride 99 miles per hour. This may just be my computer, but the max speed function is suspect at best. Turn Me On: The computer has to be prompted to turn on with a push. I imagine this feature extends battery life, but why can't it just go to sleep and wake up when the front wheel begins spinning. Likes: Thermometer - I am not sure if it is super accurate, but it is nice to know what the temp is. Display - large and easy to read.

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