Northern Tier Section 8

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Muscatine, IA - Monroeville, IN (402 miles)
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Grades in the Lowlands, where this section is located, are minimal, if not nonexistent. The elevation rises less than 500 feet between Iowa and Ohio. One of the few places where hills are noticable is in east-central Indiana, around the Salamonie River and Mt. Hope Recreation Areas. By and large, you'll have great visibility ahead and behind. The tall corn, however, can screen everything to the sides. Listen for vehicles approaching from the fields; some farmers don't stop when they drive onto the roads. The corn can also hide street signs when it gets high. The most notable feature of the route is the constantly changing quality of the roads. The county roads, however, have one saving grace- they are virtually unused. Even local traffic stays on the better-maintained state highways. Traffic does increase during harvest, when all those soybeans have to get to market. Roads around the Tippecanoe River and Salamonie River Recreation Areas in Indiana get busier when the weather gets warmer, especially on weekends.

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