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Efficient Velo Tools’ Safe Zone mirror is over 2 inches in diameter with a 4.5-inch arm. This results in an excellent rear view and hardly any of the neck craning. Equally impressive is how easy the Safe Zone attaches: simply zip tie the mounting bracket to a helmet rib and you’re good to go. The mirror’s cool ball-and-socket arm design lets you easily position the mirror for the best view. Shorten it by snapping it apart and together; remove the mirror from your helmet the same way.

100% Made in USA, all parts sourced within 30 miles of design and assembly facility

Easily installed (and reinstalled on other helmets) with a simple, versatile zip tie mounting system
Unusually robust construction (a hallmark of all things EVT)

Adjustable, stable, stay-put huge 2.25" mirror
Sleek, injection-molded components

Incredible 5 year "no-fault" warranty

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EVT Safe Zone Helmet Mirror


Reviewed By: DL on 8/2/17

I've used some type of mirror for over 40 years. This is by far the best one I've ever used.

Much better view than my bar end mirror


Reviewed By: Dan Pengra on 7/12/17

I love this thing. It took a few times wearing it to get used to it but now I can't imagine being without one. It gives me a good, clear view of the road behind me and has really helped keep me safe, especially when negotiating traffic for a left hand turn. The only downsides are the time it takes to get used to it (about 3-4 rides) and it's expensive relative to other mirrors.

EVT safe zone mirror


Reviewed By: Paul Yoder on 2/20/17

Great mirror! It works very well and gives more view of everything I need to see behind me

A Great Helmet Mirrr


Reviewed By: Dave Burgason on 9/14/16

Love this mirror easy to adjust, tough, great field of view. It's nice when your purchase turns out to be this good of a product

Glad I bought this mirror


Reviewed By: Bob Nolan on 8/22/16

What is good about this mirror? Large mirror, stays where you position it, no vibration. The downside? It is a bit heavy, so my helmet wants to tip forward if I don't keep it tight.

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