Lewis & Clark Section 7

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Clarkston, WA - Seaside, OR (473.5 miles)
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May 2015

Section 7 of the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail begins in Clarkston and heads overland to the Pacific Ocean. When the route meets the Columbia River, winds can become fierce, blowing predominately from the west particularily in the area known as the Gorge. This map section, like others on this route, has options. You can ride along the Gorge in either Oregon or Washington. From Astoria, the 20-mile Cape Disappointment Spur crosses the Columbia into Washington and heads west to Fort Canby State Park.

Mr. James C. Becker, Vancouver, WA, has sponsored this section of the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail and major funding has been provided by REI.

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Last mile better to change


Reviewed By: Gerhard Wendler on 8/18/17

The map was not the first AACA map for me by crossing America. So I could handle wiothout problems. The last mile in Seaside, OR ist first coming to the beach walk and then to the statuate of Lewis and Clark. I would prefare the direkt way through Broadway - You will see coming near to the Pacifik. This is a great moment!

L&C Route Map, Section7


Reviewed By: Oren Wright on 10/5/10

First ACA map I've actually used enroute. Excellent resource for planning overnight camping and food stops. Nicely done historical notes. The elevation graph is one of its most useful features, particularly where climbing is a serious factor...but the graph could use a bit of refinement as far as accuracy and consistency. The floating North orientation of each panel was the feature I liked least, given a lifetime of orienting maps to magnetic North...but I don't have any good alternatives to suggest for space saving. A lot of excellent work has been done on this L&C Section 7, lots of detail packed into a small space. I've purchased other ACA route maps, earlier versions, and the evolutionary improvements are clearly apparent. ACA maps are very modestly priced and definitely enhance the bicycle touring experience dramatically. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends.

Thoughts before purchasing


Reviewed By: A customer from Wildomar, CA USA on 12/25/06

The map was indeed very helpful, but I found it to be of very little use. Stopping in small towns and talking with locals I found was the best source of information that a touring bicyclist could get, it also opened the door for dinner as well as homestead invitations. If you really want an adventure, and a chance to meet people I highly recommend not purchasing any route maps, its a little harder but well worth the excitement.

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