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Banff, AB - Roosville, MT (256.6 miles)
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May 2017
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Jun 15, 2018

***Extensive flooding in June 2013 along this section prompted the following press release:***

This route extends the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route into Canada along the spine of the Rocky Mountains. Beginning in Banff, it heads southward through spectacular scenery to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The route uses Elk Pass (6,443 feet) to cross the Continental Divide (known as the Great Divide in Canada). The towns of Elkford and Sparwood offer services.
From Sparwood, you can choose to follow the main route through miles and miles of unbridled wilderness or the Fernie Alternate, a more populated and mostly paved option. The endpoint is Roosville, which is the beginning of the U.S. Stretch of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, redesigned maps including bi-directional narratives will be available June 15, 2018. Current version maps may be purchased now for ½ price and in June we will email a code to purchase the new maps at ½ price through July 31, 2018. Please note that the coupon for the new maps is good for a 1 to 1 match based on how many map sets/sections you bought of the current version.

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Bears and dust


Reviewed By: Peter Hewitt on 8/10/17

Excellent map, used on the ACA's Great Divide, Canada II outing of July 2017. The two modifications I would make are 1. a warning that the Smith-Dorrien Spray Rd can be highly unpleasant with deep gravel, and an 80 kph speed limit that can leave cyclists hidden in the wake of dust, which extends over 10 meters high. Thus, aim for patience and low-traffic hours. This road was the site of a clavicular fracture and thus removal of 20% of our original group, may he Recover In Peace ( one of 5 people) 2. A phone number could? be included that would give riders a report of recent bear activity/sightings in the area? Bears get an awful lot of attention, fear. Getting the latest "forecast" and a chance to talk to informed local personnel might greatly diminish such anxiety. Lastly, I see, under General Information, a note about discouraging attempting to ride this route solo. There is no indication as to why this route has such a warning whereas other routes do not. Is the danger from wildlife, from single-track/rough riding, lack of emergency services, unusual weather patterns, gnarly native hermits? Or is this in fact a general warning that goes on all ACA maps?

It's not a map, it's a route


Reviewed By: Paul on 6/13/15

You shouldn't give it a lower rating because you didn't research it well enough and had wrong expectations. It is clearly advertised as a route not a map listing multiple options. We used it in 2011 and it was fantastic. Really didn't need it for Banff to Sparwood but I am map guy and having one is always a good reason to take a break or kill time in your tent. Well done AC.

Great Divide Route Maps


Reviewed By: Richard Goulah on 9/11/12

Excellent layout and quality



Reviewed By: A customer from Amsteram, the Netherlands on 2/4/12

it's not a map as of more a route. I ordered this map thinking it would show more of the region instead of just one route so I could make some educated choices when Im cycling in that area. It is great and very detailed and I'm sure it will be quite useful. But not what I expected.

Great Divide Canada Route


Reviewed By: A customer from New Westminster, BC, Canada on 10/5/10

Unfortunately the map did not arrive prior to our departure on the trip - no fault of yours - Canada Post! However with the info we gleaned from your web site and local topographical maps we were able to follow most of the route. On arriving home and seeing the wonderful detail of your map, we were delighted with the map and only wished that we had been able to use it. Will definitely purchase your maps again for more of the same trail. Thanks

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