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Astoria, OR - Yorktown, VA (4,229 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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Includes 12 maps.

The original 1976 BikeCentennial route that made cross-country cycling famous (Outsidemagazine calls the TransAm the "ultimate bicycle tour"). Ride through the history of the nation and experience colonial Virginia, plantations, Civil War battlefields, Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, the heartland of the country, mining towns, Old West ghost towns, Native American trails, and the Oregon Trail.For more information on this route or to print out the most up to date addenda for these maps please click here.


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Trans Am Maps


Reviewed By: Las Vegas Customer on 4/3/16

Excellent as usual. Having used Adventure Cycling maps before I'm not surprised. Keep up the great work!

TransAm maps


Reviewed By: A customer from Holland on 1/7/12

I bought the complete set of TransAm maps. The quality is excellent: rainproof and strong. The information is detailed and looks very adequate. The elevation profile and field notes add much to a detailed and pratical preparation of the tour.What would have been nice, is a map with the whole route on it, to have an overview. But perhaps that is because I live in Holland and I am not familiar with the USA geography. Thx ACA, for providing such usefull stuff! Marleen from Holland

TransAmerica Bicycle Trail Map Set


Reviewed By: A customer from Overland Park, KS USA on 11/3/11

Excellent detail. I would not attempt my upcoming trip from Kansas to Virginia without the guidance that these maps provide. Over the next few months I will study these maps in detail to help me mentally prepair for my cycling adventure or adventure...cycling. Catchy name...

TransAmerican Maps


Reviewed By: A customer from Philadelphia, PA area on 8/3/11

Maps are great, as well as the updates. Some of the routing could be better, especially in western Virgina / eastern Kentucky area.

TransAmerica Maps -- the Gold Standard


Reviewed By: Carl McDonald on 1/24/11

For various reasons I've gone "off route" on some of my travels with ACA maps, choosing what I thought were comparable roads. In every case, I've encountered roads with more traffic, poor shoulders, more commercial trucks, or some combination of all of these. In short order one develops a deep trust in ACA maps that frees the mind to know they have the best routes out there already in place. Thank you for all the research and attention to detail!

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