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DeFuniak Springs, FL - St. Augustine, FL (409.5 miles)
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June 2015
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Nov 22, 2019

Heading eastward across the Florida panhandle, you'll follow either US 90 or county two-lane roads. Stretches of the route between DeFuniak Springs and Tallahassee are like parks with groomed grass shoulders lined with pine forests. Tallahassee is an easy city to bicycle through, but it is urban cycling. The St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail goes from Tallahassee to the port of St. Marks, and we use a 4.6 mile portion of it. The route comes to within 8 miles of Gainesville. In Palatka, traffic is heavy on US 17 crossing the St. Johns River. Six miles west of St. Augustine traffic picks up steadily until the route ends at the intersection with US 1. St. Augustine is also a point along the Altantic Coast Route. Click on enlargement for detail.

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Reviewed By: Steve on 9/7/16

The tiny map sections are too small. In one day of riding I might switch map sections 3 time. Consider all the space on the back of the map dedicated to fairly useless stuff, you could increase each individual map size and remove the excess stuff on the back. Getting through Tallahassee was a pain with out an inlay map of the city. Considering you gave us one for Pensacola, a much easier city to navigate with only a few turns, I was surprised one wasn't offered for Tallahassee. I rode from New Orleans to Tallahassee, 500 miles. I discovered almost immediately that the maps I thought I'd need very much were actually useless, and I only used a small portion of map 6 before abandoning the route. My phone with Google maps worked much better. I know you folks make 40,000 miles of bike route maps, so I'd still buy again as this was my first time using your maps, but I hope the quality is better next time.

Southern Tier 7 - could do better!


Reviewed By: A customer from Florida on 4/3/12

I found the individual panels- in the 'north not necessarily up' format a pain to use in conjunction with other maps (which I like to refer to in case I want to use any other smaller roads from time to time). I also think that instead of the field notes I would have much preferred a larger scale map of the entire route (there is a tiny panel sized one). I believe that the field note info is readily available in other forums.

Southern Tier section 7


Reviewed By: A customer from Canada on 12/25/06

This is very well done, after using those maps I may be able to add comments

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