Southern Tier Map Set

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San Diego, CA - St. Augustine, FL (3,054 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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Our southern trans-continental route will take you from San Diego, California, to St. Augustine, Florida. Explore the Southwest, the Texas Hill Country, the deep south and the Gulf Coast.

For more information on this route or to print out the most up to date addenda for these maps please click here.


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Cycling maps--Southern Tier


Reviewed By: Larry Sheets on 9/5/09

I just purchased this set, planning to go east to west this winter. These look to be excellent as are all the ACA cycling maps I've used.

Didn't use much but would next time!!!


Reviewed By: A customer from North St. Paul, Minnesota USA on 10/15/09

Just finnished the Southern Tier...I did a different route than your maps...I started in St. Augustine and ended at Mission Beach in San Diego...I followed a route of Roseville Dentist Bike Trip...The did the trip in 22 days...Supported...I'm happy to say that I did in 21 days unsupported. I wouldn't do it this way again...Too fast...Too much work...And being Solo was lonely! Your link to stories of people that had done trip was very helpful to me and helped to give me idea of what I might encounter. Hense the excellent rating...This was of great value to read the story of others and that helped to make my trip a success...May the wind be at your back...Thank you, Leon



Reviewed By: A customer from berkley, michigan on 11/11/09

although we won't be using the maps till feb.,my first reaction was wishing they were larger so that those of us with bi-focals could read them without having to get out our glasses. otherwise they look like they have a lot of needed detail. also, the maps thru el paso should emphasize using the anthony gap alternative since mesa st. is very busy. another alternative would be doniphan dr.

Southern Tier Map Set


Reviewed By: A customer from St Helens, Merseyside, UK on 12/8/09

The map set has helped plan our ride in September 2010 with ease. The detail is very good and all you need to know is provided on each map

Southern Tier Map Set Rating


Reviewed By: David Cramton on 1/11/10

I think the maps are terrific! I've been a navigator for over 50 years and these are as well laid out, comprehensive, useful, informative and pretty as I've seen. I do, however, have one small quibble: why not have a between miles dot at each matchline? I'm using MapMyRide to plot the route in preparation for transferring them as courses to a Garmin Edge 705. It would make locating the turning points easier. Nine of us are planning to leave from San Diego on 24 March and your maps (and my navigation) will be given the real test then.

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