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Sumas, WA - Tecate, CA (2,398 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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The Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route runs roughly parallel to the Pacific Crest Trail along the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

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Sierra Cascades Route


Reviewed By: A customer from Seaside,CA on 6/29/10

We have used your maps many times and have found them to be excellent. The historical information is appreciated. The information regarding camping, lodging, bike shops, food, topography, etc. make these maps very important for bicycle travel.

Much better than GDR Maps


Reviewed By: Keith Drury on 7/1/10

The arrangement of information on these maps is much superior to the GDR maps... designed for easy folding in one square for riding with all data for the day in one place... nice job!

Sierra Cascade Maps


Reviewed By: Dave Welch on 8/24/10

We had been waiting for these maps since they were first announced and very excited to recieve them. We are planning a ride North to south next year and until we actually ride the route won't be able to give a final rating but based on our experience using the maps for the northern route 5 years ago we expect them to be a big help. One suggestion is that there is little information on the maps about when some of the roads or passes may be open or closed for snow. I am particularly concerned about the rim road of Crater Lake area and for someone like us who is planning a trip many months in advance, some clues as to when these roads may be expected to be open for bike passage would be a big help. There is nothing more frustrating than planning a major trip and then finding out that the roads you need to travel are impassable.

great maps


Reviewed By: joe golden on 5/4/11

as always this route map is perfect. good job!!!!

Fantastic Riding!


Reviewed By: Aaron Waxman on 10/27/11

I followed sections 1, 2 and a little bit of 3 from Bellingham, WA to Hornbrook, CA before heading off route. The climbs were challenging, the descents were exhilarating and the snow capped mountains were stunning. Camping was also in some of the nicest spots I've been in. The lack of traffic and remoteness of some of the sections through National Forests in the Cascades were serene and quiet. Another nice addition is that the National Parks are not traffic clogged in the way that some of the bigger parks can be. An added bonus is that the southbound route enters through the "back doors" of Mt Rainier and Crater Lake which are less traveled by tourists. I'd recommend riding this route from North to South as the cyclists I met heading north said the beginning of their tour's in southern California were brutal while everything in Oregon and Washington had been a breeze comparatively. That said, the Cascades still offer long challenging climbs. Starting in the north will allow your legs to get used to the long climbs and give more time for the snow to melt in the higher elevations of the Sierras. 2010/11 was a big snow year which meant that some roads opened a bit later then usual. Check road conditions along the route before starting your trip. If you like small roads, challenging climbs, incredible mountains and quiet wilderness camping the Cascades sections are for you.

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