Pacific Coast Route Section 3

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Crescent City, CA - San Francisco, CA (412 miles)
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Because the heavy motorized traffic tends to be even heavier in the summer, we recommend that you ride this route in the spring or autumn. If riding in summer is your only option, be advised that motorized traffic often increases after 10:00 a.m. You'll encounter climbs several miles in length as the route crosses two major headlands between Crescent City and McKinleyville. This is redwood country, so take some extra time to enjoy the scenery in the state and national parks along the route. At Leggett you'll leave US 101 and return to the coast via SR 1, but not before climbing abruptly to 2,000 feet above sea level. From either direction this roads is a steep, twisting climb and descent on a narrow roadway that is hemmed in by heavy forest cover. From Westport to Bodega Bay SR 1 hugs the coastline, passing through small towns that cater to tourists. In Marin County, the traffic increases on the route from Valley Ford to Marshall, especially on weekends after 11 a.m. Between Fairfax and the Golden Gate Bridge you'll be riding in an urban environment. The route follows a signed bike route along residential streets and bike paths wherever possible.

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Pretty good, but some errors


Reviewed By: A customer from SF, CA USA on 7/1/09

Definitely useful, but Sections 4 & 5 were better in my opinion. I went southbound, so take that into account. A few key areas that need to be improved: 1)The hill south of Klamath had a sign at the summit that read ~1400 ft (and the hill felt bigger than the Crescent City triplet), so the elevation profile appears incorrect. This is important because you better be prepared if you skip camping in Klamath and go to Elk Prairie. 2)The location of Leggett should be farther North on the elevation profile...Leggett hill is long, and Leggett is at the base of it. Other than that, its a beautiful ride. Watch out for debris on the 101's shoulder.

ACA R&M: Regarding #1) the hill on the elevation profile south of Klamath - the Routes and Mapping staff has checked the elevations mentioned and we think anonymous was on the wrong road. His comment makes sense if he was using US 101 on map 29 instead of using the Newton B. Drury Parkway from milepoint 0 to milepoint 9.5.

Pacific Coast Section 3 Map


Reviewed By: Skip Beck on 7/3/09

I have your Great Divide maps which are excellent. This map seems to be quite complete but have not put it to the test yet. It does not compare at all to the Great Divide maps. The 'Route Elevation Profile' could show more detail.

Useful but a few errors


Reviewed By: Anton Wittinger on 10/2/09

As one of the other reviewers stated the elevation profile is a little off, especially on the hill just south of Crescent City. Another change is the the campground (Mill Creek) at the top of the hill outside of Crescent City now closes after Labor Day, I found that out the hard way, so be prepared if you were planning on staying there in the month of September. I also learned that the hostel in Klamath will close for good January 13th 2010,they don't have the budget to upgrade to ADA standards and will be forced to close. Otherwise the map was great.

Pretty good


Reviewed By: Anonymous on 2/16/10

I think its necessary to have this map if you're planning a bike tour. However, several key features are missing here, such as the overall distance travelled at certain points on the map. All in all, it is a must-need for a bike tour.

Very nice map


Reviewed By: Steve Wilson on 9/9/10

The map is very durable and has lots of useful detail. Very nice to know what services are ahead in some of the remote areas where things are far apart. The only thing I would recommend to be improved is the location of some of the towns as indicated on the elevation profile. As an example, Leggett is at the bottom of a big climb, not halfway up as indicated on the profile. In planning stops on long days that can be important. Would definitely use these maps again.

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