Static Cling Route Decals

Adventure Cycling Association

A static cling decal representing one of ACA's routes.

Artwork by Ed Jenne. 4" x 5".


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Designed for the inside of a window.


Reviewed By: Philip Fowler on 12/25/06

I saw this decal and thought it would look really good on the bicycle stand in my apartment. When the sticker arrived I was saddened to find that it was designed to go inside of a window. The decal would be perfect if I had a car; however, since I am car free the decal currently has no where to adhere. The quality of the sticker is great though; therefore, when I do find a window I know it will look nice.

Inside the glass on a picture frame set


Reviewed By: Kathryn Silvia on 3/19/15

I collect these kinds of decals in picture frames with a solid color mat background, or a tour photo... the glass plate is better than a window because it can move with me when I relocate. I havent used a car in over 15 years now... I love my current Rans recumbent and Radical Design panniers... as an all weather rider and new adventure cyclist... the lifestyle works for me!

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