North Lakes Route

This loop around northern Lake Michigan features a ferry ride option, miles of beautiful shore lines, and the great forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. North Lakes offers an interesting alternative for Northern Tier riders wanting to experience the beauty of the Great Lakes.

Route description

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North Lakes Map Set
Osceola, WI - Denver, IN (1,101.5 miles)
North Lakes Section 1
Osceola, WI - Escanaba, MI (381.5 miles)
North Lakes Section 2
Escanaba, MI - Mackinaw City, MI (151.0 miles)
North Lakes Section 3
Mackinaw City, MI - Denver, IN (569.0 miles)
Northern Tier + North Lakes Map Set
Anacortes, WA - Bar Harbor, ME (4,294.0 miles)

Showing 1-6 (of 6)

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