Lake Erie Connector

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Wolf Lake, MI - Fort Erie, ON (505.0 miles)
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January 2016

The Lake Erie Connector is intended primarily as a shortcut that saves 244 miles between the North Lakes Route near Wolf Lake, Michigan, and the Northern Tier Route at Fort Erie, Ontario. It also connects to the Northern Tier Route across the western end of Lake Erie at Sandusky, Ohio, and enables a variety of loop rides in the lower Great Lakes region. The route traverses the farms and fields of central Michigan, and then follows the northern shoreline of Lake Erie in Canada.

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A friend and I rode


Reviewed By: Agus on 11/17/13

A friend and I road-tripped from Chicago to Niagara Falls in January 2002. It was a great experience. We actually traveled both routes and made a circle around Lake Erie. We went to Niagara Falls using the southern route through Ohio/Pennsylvania/New York, and then returned via Ontario/Detroit. If speed and efficiency are a priority, I would recommend the Detroit to Canada route. However, my friend and I found it fascinating to stop and look at Lake Erie in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York as we traveled and made the trip an experience in itself. There's a state road in Pennsylvania we followed for a bit (rather than the interstate) that added an hour or so to the trip but was worth it. It loosely follows the lake and offers views of some beautiful vineyards.Border crossings in New York and Michigan were smooth and fast most likely due to the fact that we crossed in the evening both times. We had a bit of difficulty locating the crossing in New York, but that probably was due to inexperience and darkness. References : Personal experience Made the trip five years ago. Was this answer helpful? [url=]fgjipmhesoo[/url] [link=]ccxewgmml[/link]

Lake Erie Connector Map


Reviewed By: Patrick Clark on 12/25/06

I have done 4 sections of the Northern Tier using Adventure Cycling Maps. They are great and the GPS Waypoints make them outstanding. I do appreciate the amount of research that goes into them. They are well worth the cost, especially adding the GPS Waypoints to the equation.

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