Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Section 3

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Colter Bay, WY - Rawlins, WY (365.5 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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June 2018

This section of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is entirely in Wyoming. It begins in the magnificent Teton country and winds its way up and over a couple of high Continental Divide crossings before skirting the west slope of the Wind River Mountains en route to historic South Pass City. From there, the route drops into the Great Divide Basin on its way to Rawlins. The terrain changes dramatically between Colter Bay and Rawlins: from lofty mountain meadows, to sagebrush-covered cattle and pronghorn country, to high, dry desert that’s spectacular in its own right.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR), Adventure Cycling cartographers updated and redesigned the maps including bi-directional narratives. They are now available. If you purchased any GDMBR maps since October 4, 2017, you are eligible to purchase the new map sections for ½ price through July 31, 2018. Be sure you are logged in to your Adventure Cycling account. This will allow you to see which sections you are eligible to purchase at that price.

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Reviewed By: James Smith Jr on 11/7/11

I have not actually used this map yet but have used the CAN section and Section 1. They are the coolest maps I have ever used. Lots of super info. Very durable. Can't imagine doing the route without it. Lost the trail a couple times. Next time I will also take a GPS. An accurate speedo is a must.

Great resource


Reviewed By: A customer from Riverside, CA on 12/2/10

Used the GDMBR maps sections 1-3 for a Jeep trip from Steamboat Springs, CO to Bowman Lake, MT (Glacier NP). Maybe not what the Adventure Cycling Assoc. had in mind for transportation, but a superb resource for a great trip.

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