Can A Burger Change A Man?

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At the age of 67 having had major medical issues to over come including learning how to walk again, Michael rode solo unassisted 12,124 miles around the perimeter of the USA to feed hungry veterans. A most difficult mission, but one he promised to do.Read as he shares some hardships he over came, then how he planned for and executed this epic ride. This true story will take you on a day by day journey with Michael as he shares the hardships, mishaps, and the beauty in the stories of people that he met along the way. Not only a great read for anyone planning a long cycle ride, but the author donates all of his proceeds to feed hungry veterans and their families in need. His efforts to date have provided over a half million meals. A life-changing 12,124-mile solo, unassisted bike ride around the U.S. to raise awareness of the veteran hunger problem. Read how and what led up to this incredible epic ride. Paperback: 280 pages.


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Reviewed By: Fred Freed on 10/13/20

My wife Pam and I have been purchasing from Adventure Cycling Association (Bikecentennial) since our first tour in 1976. ACA has cyclists covered from the planning of a trip to its completion. I am really enjoying the book. Near the beginning of his trip, author Michael Beattie actually toured through our Hudson Valley here in NY. I’m deriving pleasure “accompanying” Michael on his epic solo journey. Since Pam and I have had the good fortune of much touring nationwide, we certainly admire Michael’s motivation and dedication to highlight and benefit feeding hungry veterans. Bravo to Michael on his extremely challenging mission!

Way Too Much Detail


Reviewed By: John Botts on 8/26/20

I was hoping that I wouldn’t be asked to review this book. It is apparent that the author is, for the most part, a sincere, serious tourer, but his record of the trip around the U.S. has a few problems. First off, it seems that he covered EVERY DAY of the 6 month trip: It is more like a diary for his personal use. Each day we hear what time he left, his butt still hurts, his knee(s) may or may not hurt, he slept well, or not, the motel was a dump, or not, the existence of a restaurant and/or a place for supplies, what breakfast was like. There were interesting events documented, but they could have been what the story concentrated on without the excruciating daily descriptions. Halfway through, I began to scan the paragraphs for something interesting. I also had a few reservations about some details. I really question the couple of times he outran “skinny-tired” bicyclists for TEN MILES with a loaded touring bike. The day after day long distances by someone with bad knees, excruciating butt sores and other physical issues on a loaded touring bike against the hot wind over very hilly country brings out my BS detector. There were a number of cases where an editor would have fixed poor word choices, poor verb agreement, and other writing errors. I would have overlooked these if there weren’t so many other problems that took away the enjoyment of reading about his really heroic trip. I can’t really recommend the book to any one unless they are willing to pick their way through the diary of this bicyclist. I CAN recommend just about every other touring book I have read over this one.

Can a Burger Change a Man?


Reviewed By: Mark Schutte on 4/22/20

Interesting story about a cycle trip around the perimeter of the USA. Readers will learn some of the author's related medical issues, as well as his reasons for the trip. Much of the book describes daily travel, meals, and lodging. Not much detail about the gear used. Lots of interesting character are met on the journey, as well as spreading the word about hungry veterans.

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