Cycling the Katy Trail

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The definitive guide to a crown jewel in the American rail-trail system, sharing the trail from the perspective of the touring cyclist. A thorough trail guide and description for the cyclist who plans to ride the Katy Trail, plus a journey story that magnifies the ride along the trail into a delightful tale of discovery that everyone will enjoy.

Neil's fans will delight in his award-winning storytelling style as he and Christine meander along the trail on their tandem bicycle, exploring the quiet beauty of the Missouri backwoods and the remote serenity of a trail that runs along a river that helped to shape American history, wrestling with some difficult questions about the divide that seems to be growing between rural towns in the middle of America and the rest of the nation. Sb. 155pp.



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Cycling the Katy Trail


Reviewed By: Marilyn on 3/6/21

This book gave me a great overview of this trail, that I have heard so much about. I didn’t realize that it was not always a separate dedicated trail. It was good to have a cyclist’s knowledge of the towns along the trail, whether camping or not. I was longing for a decent map that showed all the places that he spoke of. Instead, there was a scrap of an old picture with tiny, tiny print. Even though the author stated he was not going to include every detail, camping info, etc., I would have welcomed a definitive map.

Lots of detail on towns - Look elsewhere if camping


Reviewed By: Pete Mohan on 10/10/20

This book provides lots of useful detail on the various towns along the trail. It is the experience of a couple on a tandem doing a "credit card" tour. Self-supported tourers will not find much information on campsites. There is a lot of focus on places to get "supplies" (presumably lunches and snack items), which may or may not be useful depending on how much food you carry in your bags.

Great Review and Guide


Reviewed By: Rick Lofgren on 10/8/20

This book was an outstanding review of the trail as well as tips and clues to challenges and things to look for in planning for and riding on the trail!

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