XX2i Optics France 1 Polarized Sport Reader Sunglasses

XX2i Optics

If you sometimes struggle with map reading, fret not: these have built in magnification, so you can see what you're doing without having to switch out your shades. Adjustable temple and nose pieces give a custom, non-slip fit everytime.  Allows for airflow to prevent fogging.  Black Gloss frame, Polarized Gray/Blue Flash lenses. Only one pair of lenses is included (two eyeballs worth)

Lifetime warranty.  Hard case included that also carries spare lenses.  Microfiber lens cloth included.  Available in Polarized with AR Coating and mirrored lenses. Optical quality hinges for durability.  Interchangeable lenses manage any light condition with ease.  Durable polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection.  Grilamid Frame is lightweight, strong and flexible.




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Finally, a solution to counter fuzzy closeup vision


Reviewed By: M. E. Dennis on 8/24/22

My closeup vision has been fuzzy for years, so when I tried these sunglasses with optical magnification for the first time, I was amazed how crisp my Garmin display really is! These work without causing any sacrifice in optical quality and UV filtration. Great option for folks who can see far, but cannot focus on tasks closer than arm’s length!

Solved a long time problem for me


Reviewed By: Carl Berkowitz on 12/10/21

Contact lenses necessitate eye protection when I ride, but also result in far-nearsightedness (that is, can't read things up close). These sunglasses fix the problem. The small discs with magnification at the bottom of each lens is perfect for reading a map, looking at a cell phone or wrist-watch. Also good sun and wind protection. If there was a clear version for riding at night, I'd get them, too. Highly recommended!

Light, sturdy, aero


Reviewed By: Sacramennah on 6/3/21

Looking into full Rx lenses for cycling glasses - $600 and up! These XX2i glasses at less than $80? That’s a no-brainer. They are light, sturdy, comfortable and fit well, with good air flow for no-fogging. The reader portion is perfect for checking Speedo or maps. This is a winner.

Should have done this a long time ago!


Reviewed By: Tim Murphy on 4/19/21

My close vision has been blurry at best for years, making roadside repairs and reading maps and the phone difficult. These glasses solve the problem nicely. They fit well. They are a bit less full coverage than my previous shades but nothing I couldn't quickly get used to.

Worked great and more of a mirror look than Blue Blockers


Reviewed By: Joe Brod on 5/18/20

As someone else said. I had Lasik a few years back and it totally destroyed my close reading. I need reading glasses to see anything close. It also has hastened with my age. Anyway, these glasses are great. I really love them and they are my main Sunglasses even when not riding. The photos show the glasses with a blue tint to them but I would say they are a neutral density (mirror) and don't have a Blue Blockers look through them

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