Brooks Flyer Saddle


The Flyer is a classically sprung saddle for long distance trekking and touring. It is directly descending from the B66 Champion, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Sharing the same leather tops of the B17 models, they combine the comfort of these popular models with the extra suspension granted by two rear springs. This saddle has a smooth leather top, with 3 small holes for ventilation, smooth (non chamfered) skirts, small hollow steel rivets, with quality saddle bag loops on the frame. (Brooks Saddle Tensioning Spanner included)

Rail: Steel

Clamp Style: Std Rails

Length/Width: 10.8"/6.8"

Weight: 1lb 8oz

Color: Black or Honey

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Brooks flyer saddle


Reviewed By: Rory on 6/2/21

When people ask me if that Brooks saddle is any good I reply "In my opinion it's the best of the worst, I've never really sat on a good saddle" I bought this new Flyer saddle because my old one was showing signs of wear, it had around 37,000 miles on it and it was a Brooks Flyer. What else can I say!

Brooks Flyer


Reviewed By: Bernie on 2/20/15

By the way I am 65 years old. And I rode this saddle on a 415 mile 6 day tour last summer! Love this saddle!

Brooks Flyer


Reviewed By: Bernie on 2/20/15

I was talked out of being this saddle for 2 years and after buying 2 different gel saddles I was steered to a bike mechanic who had a Brooks Flyer . He let me ride his and I immediately ordered one. He warned me that I would have to break this in. We'll I felt pretty comfortable from the beginning and now I have 1500 miles on it and it just keeps getting better. I will NEVER go back to another saddle. After a 70 mile day I am ready to get off. But the next day I am not sore and am ready for another 70 miles!

Amazing Comfort


Reviewed By: Kelly Smith on 6/13/12

I purchased a Brooks Flyer a few months back and I must say that it is the best investment I may have ever made. Truly the most comfortable saddle I have ever used. I used it on my touring bike and when I purchased a Tandem so my 9 yr old son and I could do some rides together, the first thing I did was put the Brooks on the tandem. Don't plan on riding without it.

I Love my seat


Reviewed By: A customer from Bullhead City, Arizona on 3/6/12

I love my seat that's why it will only sit on my new Brooks Flyer Saddle... I was afraid at first that I would have a long brake in period...but, my butt did't really feel a thing... I have about 150 miles on this new saddle and I just love it... I should know something about saddles, but I have never owned a horse... With that out in the open I have never owned a Bicycle sit on like the Brooks Flyer Bike Saddle... I give the Brooks Flyer Saddle 5 Stars of Excellents only because there isn't a higher rating... Every one that is a Touring, Bicycle Riding Person should own one....

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