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Burlington, VT - Burlington, VT (377.3 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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Due to limited resources, the paper map version of this route section has been discontinued and will no longer be available once sold out. This route section is still available digitally. More info here: Going Digital: App or GPX.

When ridden in a clockwise direction, the main route of the Green Mountains Loop Bicycle Route travels from Burlington, Vermont, eastward into New Hampshire along the Connecticut River. It continues back across Vermont then north into New York along the shore of Lake Champlain. Alternate routes provide options to ride entirely in Vermont. The Green Mountains dominate the views and the geography of Vermont. Although much of the route lies within valleys, expect many hills of less than 200 feet. Crossing the spine of the Green Mountains involves climbs of 1,640 feet between Richford and North Troy, and 1,220 feet between Hancock and East Middlebury. To avoid the climb between Richford and North Troy, you can cross the border into Canada for a more level 15-mile alternate. Most of the route uses lightly traveled roads with no shoulder. Paved shoulders prevail where traffic is moderate.

NOTE: This map is presented in a slightly different format from the others we produce. It is available as a pdf or physical copy. The physical copy is printed on standard 8 1/2" x 11" weatherproof paper with pages stapled together at the top left corner. Map panels are similar size to other maps (1/3 of page height).

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Loop completed 9/27/2018


Reviewed By: Michael Fritz on 9/30/18

I used the loop map as the basis for booking AirBnBs the whole way around. It worked out just fine. Due to off-route excursions for lodging, I did not adhere perfectly to the route, but generally I did, going CW. I used the "West Alternative" not the NY section . . . Users should check in advance whether the ferries are operating - there was storm-related causeway damage that may still have interrupted service. This was my first use of an ACA product; it worked out so well that I expect to use more ACA maps in the future.

Somewhat helpful


Reviewed By: Rich on 10/18/17

I ordered the map because it covered a portion of the trip I was taking. It would have been more helpful if the map itself was larger, so I could read it I as riding. It was difficult to translate the cue information into a cue sheet. I will say that Google maps also had problems, in that it led me onto some unacceptable muddy roads. Perhaps if I were taking the entire trip outlined on the map, it would have been more useful for me. Note: I met some other cyclists along the way who praised this Adventure Cycling map.

Could be better


Reviewed By: ioav bronchti on 9/13/16

The road was nice, but we found easilly some better ways, nicer and less hilly, keep your eyes open and talk with locals ! Also, the Quebec Alternate is not a good idea. Unlike what is printed, it is very, very hilly with some climbing gravel roads not suited for bicyle touring. Also, NOTE that the border at the beginning of the Quebec Alternate road closes at 4 pm. We got there by chance 3 minutes before it closed. 3 minutes later and we would have had to make a huge detour.

Map & Mirror


Reviewed By: lorenz m worden on 5/12/16

The service was superb (per normal). An error of mine was corrected immediately and without objection. NOTE: Two of the items were maps. As I was used to the fold/unfold style, I was surprised to receive loose sheets.

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