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Constructed of outdated Adventure Cycling Route Network maps, this is the perfect ultralight wallet! Each wallet is unique depending on the map used and features two small pockets for credit cards and one larger pocket for bills.



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"Camo" wallet in my pannier


Reviewed By: Laurie Cohen on 6/13/20

I am replacing a recycled map wallet that finally wore out after several years' hard use. My favorite feature is that it blends in with the other items in my touring gear--it would be easy for someone looking for valuables to conclude that the wallet is just another of the Adventure Cycling route maps we typically have with us when we tour. Light, strong, durable, inexpensive, and camouflaged--perfect!

Worth betting on.


Reviewed By: David Anning on 5/29/20

I've bought this wallet again after about 2.5 years of daily use on the first one. Its very light but more importantly to me, the map material allows for a very THIN wallet for those who like to cary just their license, a couple cards, and a bit of cash. Aside from a small zip-lock, you probably won't find a thinner lighter design. A leather wallet could last 2-3 times as long, but hey, this one is only $10. The map ink does wear off, but the stitching and paper have held up better than expected. The only con really, is that the map design blends in with other misc. papers and could be confused with trash. This never happened, but a few friends betted me beers that it would. Time to cash in.

Very light


Reviewed By: Dennis Zimmerman on 4/5/20

I have it in my travel kit where every ounce counts

Totally cool wallet and reuse.


Reviewed By: Robert Williams on 12/27/19

It's small, but that's good. I frequently get compliments on it. Yes it shows signs of wear, but still works after 9 months. It's only $10, so hey.

nice and light but map features quickly wear off


Reviewed By: Philip Blumenkrantz on 11/2/18

Colorful; reminds me of bike trips (even while on them). There's not room for much; just holds the essentials, which is a plus and a minus. The pockets holding credit cards fatigued quickly, requiring me to stuff in an extra card or too to keep the cards from falling out too easily. The wallet chosen map's details fade way too quickly; they didn't even make it through a 250 mile trip in Italy. Waterproof but the corners wore in heavy rain. That said, I'm buying a new one! My first was pickpocketed in Rome).

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