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A combination of a diffused lens (on top) and a collimated focused lens (on bottom) creates a very bright 180-degree beam pattern than alternates between a wider beam and a narrow beam. Since the eye must juggle these two beams, it doesn't get a chance to relax, resulting in a very high level of visibility. The toggle switch makes it easy to turn on and off even with gloves on. Handle bar, seat post, seat stay and fork mounts are included, and the built-in clip allows for attachment to your helmet, pack or messenger bag. Rear light.


Lamp: 2 half watt maxbright LED

Burn time: 121 hours Batteries: 2 AAA batteries (alkaline)

Weight: 81g, 2.8 oz Attachments: handlebar, seat post, seat stay, fork, helmet and messenger bag

Control: toggle switch



Average rating: based on 14 reviews.

The best rear light I've owned!


Reviewed By: Christopher on 2/27/20

Super bright and long lasting battery. Just put it through the washing machine in the pocket of my jacket and it still works flawlessly, so I guess it's really waterproof!

Great Visibility


Reviewed By: William Hall on 1/1/20

I have it attached to my seat on a homemade bracket so as to be visible above a rack bag I usually carry. It has the best visibility of any taillight I have seen, especially in fog and rain and is easy to switch on and off while riding along. Battery life is excellent. If there is anything negative to say it is that is is too easy for it to come apart and fall to the ground if bumped, but it has never come apart due to rough riding. I would prefer it to be held together with a screw rather than plastic snap latches. This is the second one of these lights I have purchased.

Love it!


Reviewed By: Michael Pieper on 6/6/19

This light is great! I probably have 50 hours on the original batteries and it is still going strong, but I do use it only in flash mode. I like the design as it concerns the on/off/flash switch because it is easy to manipulate. It is mounted rear facing on my seat tube, which on previous lights, was difficult to manipulate when riding. Yes, I often forget to switch it on before starting a ride.

best battery powered light


Reviewed By: Richard Neidorf on 6/3/19

Multi day rides in the wilderness need battery powered lights, this one is excellent

They will see me now!!


Reviewed By: Ron Coles on 1/9/19

I decided I needed a better rear light after riding with two friends on Southern Tier Route in October (Austin TX eastbound to New Roads LA + off route to Denham Springs LA). Rainy, overcast and shady portions we were using our lights to give drivers notice we were there. My old light wasn’t even visible to my riding buddies. This one is VERY bright, and impossible to miss. Easy mounting, Looking forward to being seen this riding year!!!

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