Bicycling the TransAm: Virginia to Oregon/Washington

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Follow the TransAm Trail with Stephanie and her husband. This guide contains excellent recommendations for both motels and campgrounds, restaurants, bicycle resouces and daily itineraries for 11 states. It is both lightweight and fully indexed to Adventure Cycling maps. By Stephanie Ager Kirz. SB 224p. *New 4th Edition*

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Missed the mark


Reviewed By: Elwyn Anderson on 3/8/20

Not what I thought I had ordered. I looked it over and it certainly has value but not what I had thought I was ordering.

Bicycling the TransAm book review


Reviewed By: Louis Melini on 8/25/18

after 1000 miles I tossed the book out as there was not one bit of useful information. The maps are much more useful. The book is outdated.

Good but not totally what I expected


Reviewed By: Annette on 7/26/16

this book is a good read and helped me get an idea of some things to expect. I thought it would be more clear about the route, where to ride, better directions, etc. Yes, i wanted cue sheets which it does not in any way provide but more directions would have been nice.

Don't buy if your going west to east


Reviewed By: Jeff van dyke on 10/25/15

Do not buy this book if you are traveling west to east. It's best feature is the daily daily distance planner and you can get yourself in big trouble trying to interpret it from the wrong direction. It's worse than useless.

Review of Bicycling the TransAM


Reviewed By: Ed Schultz on 8/16/13

I just completed a ride from Carbondale, Illinois to Seattle, Washington using Bicycling the TransAM. While some of the information is a bit dated, the book proved to be an extremely useful supplement to the ACA Map set especially for daily distance planning. It was especially useful from Lewiston Idaho to Seattle. This part of the ride was not covered by any maps available from the ACA. Just one observation/criticism- In several cases, especially Washington State, the book mistakenly refers to State Routes as US Highways. I hope this is corrected if a new edition is printed.

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