Jogalite Cyclist's Safety Triangle

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Visibility is very important. This safety triangle help you to be seen by motorists with omnidirectional reflection, and features the Adventure Cycling Association logo.

Weight: 1.7oz

Size: 10"x10"x10"



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Safer with the safety triangle


Reviewed By: Richard Toupin on 6/16/21

My wife and I are wearing the ACA’s safety triangles of our Transam trip this summer. We know that these improve our visibility and safety. One added bonus: we recognize other bicyclists who are associated with the ACA! When we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway last week we met up with a group of cyclists who all had safety triangles. They were all with a van supported Adventure Cycling group!



Reviewed By: LaVon Altenhofen on 4/16/21

Love it. Screams HERE I AM !!



Reviewed By: PastorG on 4/7/21

Finally was able to take a local ride with my triangle. Very easy to tell that motorized vehicles were much more aware of our presence on the road ... Thank you for making this available.

Most visible thing on the bike


Reviewed By: Vickie Backman on 3/26/21

My old triangle was faded. A few years ago I watched a group of touring cyclists ride off into the fog one Florida morning. Though many had flashing red lights, the last thing I could see of each rider was their triangle. Wouldn't tour without it.

Safety triangle


Reviewed By: Kevin O'Neil on 2/25/21

I have had an Adventure Cycling safety triangle on the back of my bikes for years. Anything I can do to help me be visible while out on the road, I will do. It has also been a conversation starter with other Adventure Cycling members I meet

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