Southern Tier Section 1

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San Diego, CA - Tempe, AZ (432.4 miles)
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September 2019

From San Diego you'll ride on bike paths and residential streets on a steady climb into the mountains. Dry easterly winds predominate in the fall, blowing in from the central desert. At In-Ko-Pah Pass the route joins I-8 for a short distance. Calexico and Brawley are situated in the Imperial Valley, an area famous for its agricultural bounties. Stock up on food and water here; services are extremely limited on the next stretch of the route. SR 78 heading to Blythe carries a moderate amount of traffic. To the north you will see the Chocolate Mountains, named for their distinctive deep brown color. The terrain from Ehrenberg, Arizona, to the section's end at Tempe remains flat, with the exception of a few gentle grades. After leaving I-10, the route follows US 60 which has good shoulders. At Wickenburg the route turns south, then east as it approaches the metropolitan area surrounding Phoenix and Tempe. Click on enlargement for detail.

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Great Resource


Reviewed By: Jeffery Kadet on 3/21/20

The combination of concise varied information in map, profile, and verbal form on one piece of paper is outstanding.

Wow ... what an improvement


Reviewed By: David Hall on 3/9/19

I am amazed by the improvement in the map quality. I purchased maps for a cross country tour back in 1978. The maps at that time were very helpful but comparing that set of maps to what i received recently was truly remarkable. The clarity and and on-route guidance to amenities and support along the route is so helpful to my planning of my trip. I do miss the small book that came with each map section but having everything combined in one location is really helpful. I am looking forward to trying the electronic gps data in support of the physical maps. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Well worth the cost


Reviewed By: Jerry Griswold on 5/6/10

This map route is worth every penny as the ride would be so much more difficult without the detailed information included in the map.

southern tier Section 1


Reviewed By: A customer from Washington, North Carolina on 9/3/09

I have not used the map yet but plan on doing the southern starting Feb. 2010. Trying to get things togeather for the trip, but the ACA maps I have used in the past have been great.

Southern Tier


Reviewed By: A customer from Phoenix, AZ USA on 7/1/09

I haven't had a chance to use this map yet...I am planning a trip a month from now. It looks extremely helpful (paired with my iPhone) I should do really well. If I had a concern it would be this I will be riding a recumbent bike on tour, not a regular bike and I am concerned with a different set of criteria than a normal bicyclist might be worried about. For example, those bumps on the side of the road to keep people awake are a extreme annoyance for a recumbent trike, but virtually unnoticed by a regular bicyclist who can ride down the center of the shoulder. I am curious how the map will do when I begin my first tour in these respects. Otherwise, it looks like a very nice product.

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