Kool-Stop Tire Bead Jack

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For those extra-tight tires that don't want to go onto any rims. These heavy-duty tire bead levers are perfect for shop use or on the road. Pulls a tight tire bead over a rim with ease.

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Works Like a Charm!


Reviewed By: Jim B. on 5/2/22

After getting stuck twice unable to get my tires back on the rim after experiencing flats I was finally convinced the Kool-Stop Jack was the solution. It is! Works just as promised, even with the tightest tire bead. If you struggle reseating your bike tires this is the solution!

seems to work great


Reviewed By: Jutta on 7/16/21

I attempted to use the tire bead jack but it still took a little while to get the hang of it. I have hand and wrist issues and couldn't make it work for me right away. Although, my husband who tried to help, ended up using the tool and assured me that it will make it easier if I need to use it.

Damn those new rims and tires


Reviewed By: Big Tom on 4/16/21

In an effort to go tubeless many wheels and tires are just a pain to get on. Certainly on the road flats presents even a greater challenge. This product made it easy to stretch those hard to mount tires without the thumb, hand and rim injuries. Plus its light enough to travel with.

Bike tire jack


Reviewed By: Benjamin Hunter on 1/3/21

This tool made putting a tire back on so much less difficult than ever before. It’s a must have tool. I don’t go out for a ride without it.

just what I wanted


Reviewed By: Bob B on 12/3/20

Works very well and solved a big problem. I found it was a little hard to keep anchored on rim with 700/40 tire so may not work with wider tires

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