TwoFish Quick Cage Adaptor

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Now you can secure any standard cage onto your downtube, seatpost, or anywhere space is available. Lightweight aluminum bracket w/screws included. Black.

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Reviewed By: Jonathan Kriegel on 11/9/22

light duty--mounts easily but moves constantly once fitted with water bottle



Reviewed By: Clyde on 2/14/21

Mounted to Lauf fork, stay put.



Reviewed By: john koch on 10/28/17

To keep the Two Fish quick cage adaptor from rotating, just add some double sided foam tape to the inner diameter of the mount . This will also help fill the radius of the mount to smaller size frame tubing, like on a seat stay. Same principle applies to other applications like fenders that rotate when installed with zip ties.

Light duty


Reviewed By: Larry Lansdowne on 6/11/15

I found I did not have anything light enough to mount using this setup. Anything heavy moves too much.

not that great


Reviewed By: A customer from Northeast Indiana on 10/24/12

I bought this to put an additional bottle on my bike but found out that no matter how tight I tightened the cage strap, a fully filled bottle would make the bottle/cage shift as the bike went down the road thus constantly having to stop and recenter the cage. It's an interesting idea but it just doesn't tighten down snug enough to prevent the bottle and cage from shifting around. I gave it a two star due to it may work ok if you use the smallest and lightest water bottle available on the market, otherwise I can't recommend it for larger bottles; I know there are better bottle holders then this on the market that work for even larger bottles.

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