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The Upstand™ is a foldable carbon fiber/aluminum peg, much like a tent pole, that has a rubber foot at one end and a magnet at the other, functioning as a portable kickstand.  Before the Upstand will work, you will need to install the 10-gram metal tab between your quick-release rear skewer and your non-drive side dropout.  Once you’ve done this,extend the Upstand and insert the tab into the magnet end and your bike will stand up.  The magnet holds the Upstand in place when in use and, when you’re ready to ride, just pluck if off and stow it away. 11” folded, 20” extended, 1.4oz. Not recommended for use with a heavily loaded bicycle. 

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Very good for garage & level surfaces


Reviewed By: J A-R on 7/14/21

This is a nice super easy to install “kick” stand for my road bike for use in my garage. Took it with me on a ride (strapped horizontally to my road bike using the velcro strap that is attached to the stand). When I stopped and decided to use it, it was almost falling off my bike (maybe would have held better if strapped on a vertical part of bike). Thankful that it had not fallen off when I was riding. Attached to magnet perfectly in seconds, but with two water bottles on bike and not quite even surface, it wasn’t going to hold my bike up without assistance. That was OK with me as I was able to rest the bike on me as I stood in the shade and rested. I put the stand in my front of bike bag (it folds and fit in easily). I still like the stand very much for use in my garage.

Not suited for touring bikes


Reviewed By: Carl Berkowitz on 7/10/19

A good idea, but stand is too wobbly and flexible to work with any but the lightest bike. Not suited for a touring bike, esp. one with panniers, etc.



Reviewed By: JT on 11/17/17

Easy to install, compact and functional. All good!

Very handy


Reviewed By: jim norton on 11/28/16

Easily installed as promised. Already finding them very handy.

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