Click-Stand Brake Band

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Sep 24, 2021

Small but mighty, the Brake Band from Click-Stand lives on your handlebar. When parking one's bike, pull the tab around the front brake lever to immobilize the bike & help prevent the old bump & slip, which can result in costly damage. Note: These will not work on bikes with bar-end shifters.

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Loaded Tourist Need This


Reviewed By: George Hall on 4/8/21

It's easy to reach 100 pounds of loaded weight with racks, full panniers, handlebar bag, water and food. When you stop to rest while trying to climb a steep road in the Appalachians, the bike will roll back against your leg and the pedal can do a bit of damage to your unprotected leg. The solution is simple; use these brake bands to hold the bike at rest when you stop. Also handy when you must park the bike outside on a slope when going into a store or restaurant. I know it seems a bit silly if you are used to just riding a lightweight road bike, but once you use them on a loaded touring bike you will be happy to have them.

Click-stand is great!


Reviewed By: Paul Germain on 12/13/20

What a small price to pay to ensure your bike does not take off along that brick wall you rested it on. Also, I use two on many of my bikes to help deter someone from trying to ride off if I have not locked the bike. It might take a little while to see this trick!

Of course they work


Reviewed By: John on 9/3/20

Of course they work. You don't even need a clip stand to appreciate them. They lock your brakes so your wheels don't move making it easy to lean your bike against a tree, fence or light or power post, or even a fire hydrant and your bike won't roll and fall. I like them.

Click Stand Brake Band


Reviewed By: Dave Erickson on 8/27/20

It works well on some bikes but is hard to stretch over other levers. Could be a little longer.

Yes, they do work with Bar-end shifters


Reviewed By: Michael Goldweber on 4/23/20

The description inaccurately states that these will NOT work with bar-end shifters. I have them installed on two bicycles, each with bar-ends. One needs to disassemble the brake band and then reassemble just below the brake lever. These handle little devices are an excellent addition to any bicycle, especially when used with a Click-Stand.

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