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Card Wallet
Handcrafted from discarded bike tubes, this is a pocket-friendly minimalist wallet. Identical front and back, it holds up to 10 cards with room for a couple of folded $20 bills slid into a card slot. It has two inner pockets plus two card slots cut on the diagonal for ease of use.  2.65" x 3.5"

Inner Tube
When properly cut and sewn upon itself, inner tube makes for durable water-friendly, and eye-pleasing wallets with spacious pockets that expand and contract for flexible carrying capacity. Salvaged tubes come in an assortment of textures with the occasional raised lettering or ink print. So there will be some variance across the finished wallets in that regard.

Wallet Care
Inner tube is a flexible yet resilient material. To clean, just remove contents, hand wash with soap and hot water or throw it in the washing machine. Then just air dry. No fuss, no worse for the wear. It's that simple.

*Please note, thread stitching color varies depending upon availability.*


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Perfect for Biking


Reviewed By: Joe Archibald on 8/18/16

I've been using this for my long bike rides to carry ID, CC, a key & some cash. Works great. A little hard to get cards out sometimes as they stick to the rubber in the current summer humidity. Otherwise it's a 5.

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