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Da Brim

Ultamite vizibility and protection. The Sporty is the smaller version of the Da Brim Classic, offering improved performance for faster riders and excellent 360° UPF50+ sun protection. 2¾" front brim contours to 3¾" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection. The adjustable front visor can be angled so you have a clear forward view while riding in a head down riding position. Tested to combined wind speeds of 35 mph. One size fits most. 4.3 oz. Installation instructions.



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Keeps the Sun Out


Reviewed By: Dennis Ryan on 7/17/20

I spent 30 minutes trying to get it to stay on my helmet. Then I realized I was doing it backwards! Once I turned it around, I was able to secure it to the helmet quickly and easily. I have an extra large helmet to fit my big head, but the size was not a problem. It fits fine and feels like it would take a hurricane to get it off. Best of all, it keeps the sun off my face. Very happy with my purchase.

Great stuff


Reviewed By: Troy Stabenow on 7/10/20

Some people may not see this as the most stylish bike product. That's ok.s It does such a great job that you won't care. Trust me. Plus, it doesn't look quite as silly as you think in person. I bike in the blazing summer sun with 95 degree temps and high humidity. As soon as I got this, I could instantly tell the difference. It is like knocking 10 degrees off the temperature. You can't appreciate the effects of taking 360-degree shade with you all the time until you try it. Also, the hat directs the wind down over my kneck. SOOOOOOO much better. Every friend I've ridden with who has seen it in use is now getting one. I had some concerns when I bought this. Would it fit my helmet well? Would it blow off, act like a sail, etc? After 6 weeks of heavy use, the answers are that none of my concerns were warranted. It goes on and off your helmet in no time. Once it is on, you really don't notice it. I tilt the brim on the front up, and it doesn't obstruct my view at all. It is surprisingly rock-solid in a wind. I have done descents on bumpy gravel, into a wind, at around 45 mph and although I can feel the wind on the hat, it doesn't move at all. Of course, at that speed, you are aware of it, but it is not a bad thing. Once, in a heavy side-wind, it was not as convenient, but I was still glad to have it. Plus, in the last six weeks, I have had no sunburns, haven't had to use sunscreen on my kneck, ears, and face, etc. I have also worn it in two downpours. It is not rainproof (it doesn't cover the center of your helmet after all), but it kept all the water off my eyes. When I got it, I thought it seemed a bit expensive. Now? Worth it.

Great shade


Reviewed By: Andrea Lima on 7/8/20

Provides great shade, receive lots of compliments but acts like a sail in any wind created while riding. This causes my helmet to constantly shift slightly, rendering my mirror ineffective and in need of unending adjustments. I'm not able to put helmet on any tighter.

It's wonderful!


Reviewed By: Pierre Stoiko on 6/22/20

I have used it for about one month, 5-6 times a week and I am really happy with it. Especially these super hot days!

Great accessory!


Reviewed By: Ron Voll on 8/16/19

Living in central Florida and just being operated on for skin cancer on top of my ear, I knew I had to do something to protect my entire head. I saw Da Brim in the past but was worried about it flapping up in front. My dermatologist had one and said it worked well. So I bought one and wished I had one years ago. It works very well, after the first 5 minutes of riding I forgot it was on and rarely notice it. The only exception is during a strong head wind gust, it can somewhat lift your helmet but nothing major. Highly recommend.

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