Topeak Road Morph G Pump with gauge

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The Folding foot support easily converts frame pump into a floor pump. The SwivelGrip provides a comfortable hand position while inflating. The Inline pump gauge reads pressure; inflates to 120 psi effortlessly. Quickly converts between Presta and Schrader/Dunlop valves. Weight: 9.2 oz.


Weight: 7.1 oz/ 202g

Dimensions: 13.8 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches

Pressure: 160psi


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a very good pump!


Reviewed By: John Petiet on 10/14/21

I recently flatted twice in a couple of weeks. A friend had this pump and it was much easier to use than what I was carrying. I decided to buy one too. I haven't flatted since, but glad I am ready.

Topeak morph pump.


Reviewed By: James matte on 10/8/20

Received the pump broken, but the team at Adventure Cycling quicky put me in touch with Topeak who provided a replacement part. This is a wonderful pump, the pressure gauge provides for proper inflation and the pump is compact and lightweight.

Fabulous bike pump


Reviewed By: Edgar Rothschild on 8/29/20

Last year I was on the Glacier-Waterton ACA tour led by the now departed Wally Werner (RIP). He rescued me with his Topeak Morph when my hand pump could not get beyond 30 pounds of pressure. As soon as I got back to Missoula I stopped by the ACA office and bought my own. It has proven its worth many times since then. On a recent tour of the Olympic Peninsula with a small group of friends, it worked better than the old broken down floor pump we had. It is very useful.

Topeak Road Morph Pump


Reviewed By: Michael Forbes on 7/25/19

I was pleased with the ability of the pump to deliver 80 psi without a problem. My friend uses a similar pump (Lezyne) and the fold out foot support on that pump is metal. The Topeka fold out foot is plastic and while I didn’t have problems with it I wonder how robust it will be in the long run.

Topeak Road Morph pump with gauge


Reviewed By: Gerry Wright on 10/28/18

I have bought other Topeak products and found them to be top quality. The Topeak pump with gauge and flexible hose makes pumping my tires up so much easier. The gauge is easy to read, I don't have to worrier about holding the pump on the tire and wondering how much air I have in the tire. I just unfold the pump clip the holes on the valve stem, unfold the T- handle and foot brace and start pumping my tire up and reading the air gauge. Great pump for the money!!!

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