Tubus Tara Lowrider Front Rack


The Tubus Tara is one of the strongest low-rider racks made. The stabilizing loop that crosses over the tire adds strength and rigidity to the system. The low-rider mounting system keeps your load's center of gravity down, improving your bike's handling. This is one of the best choices for long self-supported bicycle touring. 33 lb load capacity. Fits most bikes with 26 and 700C wheels. Black or Silver.



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Reviewed By: Bernard Beckman on 10/28/20

I have been shopping for a pannier rack for my Specialized Diverge bike for a couple months. I had trouble getting holes and ports getting aligned. The Tubus Tera Rack was simple to attach securely to my bike and my Ortlieb bags fit well on the racks. I am confident in the product because of the stiff and sturdy fit on the bike.

Nice Rack, Not so Good Finish


Reviewed By: Donald Bybee on 3/22/18

I installed this rack on a Disc Trucker. It was quite the job to get it installed so that the top rail is level. I had to use the lower fork eyelet to mount the rack which put the upper hoop quite close to the tire. (700 x 38) There is clearance between the hoop and tire, but just enough. I realize that the top rail does not have to be level, but I choose to do this for esthetic reasons as much as anything. The finish on the rack is not so good. I believe it is powder coated. After the one overnight one of the upper rails is worn all the way to bare metal. (Using an Ortlieb from pannier) I will install protective tape where the pannier hooks attach. It will also require periodic touch up with some black paint to keep the steel from rusting. The panniers ride lower on the TARA than on the Surly front rack. I like the feel of this as the front end is very stable.



Reviewed By: Doug on 3/14/18

This my second Tara. I have one on each of my bikes. One has 24 inch tires that are two inches wide and there’s plenty of clearance. My older one is ten years and thousands of touring miles old but still good as new.

Great rack


Reviewed By: Dennis Patterson on 11/25/17

This is my second Tubus Tara rack. I have them installed on my Surly LHT and now on a Specialized sequoia; on both 26" and 700c wheel sets. This setup allows me to quickly mount my Ortlieb bags on either bicycle depending on the trails I will be riding. The mounting is secure and allows the bags to remain very low to the ground which is great for handling with just front panniers. The build quality is excellent.

Solid mount


Reviewed By: Larry Lansdowne on 7/21/14

Found these to be slightly heavier that some, but never failed to give full support

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