Introduction to Bike Touring

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An Introduction to Bike Touring is small but mighty! This action-packed tome will help the casual cyclist or bike commuter safely and confidently attempt an overnight bike trip. While there are a number of guides and blogs dedicated to providing advice about bike touring, many of these resources set a goal of international tours or cycling cross-country. An Introduction to Bike Touring is a fun and approachable guide to adventure by bike. This interactive guide includes links to helpful resources, informative graphics, and a glossary of helpful terms to help you navigate the wide world of cycling. Topics covered include: Which bikes are appropriate for touring, an overview of bike components which can be modified to improve comfort and efficiency on the bike, the special luggage needed to carry gear, camping tips, guidance for navigating traffic, and how to plan a memorable trip within your abilities. Paperback book with laminated cover. 52 full color pages.

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